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Tips, Guidelines, and the Un-Breakable Rule
Please Read Carefully

When you come to the studio, please do your best to be on time. 5 minutes early is better. Please have your check filled out and ready to go, so we don't waste someone else's lesson time.

When you arrive, go ahead and get your instrument out of the case and have your music folder in hand. That way, we can get started right away without wasting any of your lesson time.

Since the studio is small, please be quiet and respectful of the student whose lesson is finishing up. 

Please understand this rule. I will not break it.


I will not, under ANY circumstances, conduct a lesson with a child under the age of 18, without an adult present.


Please do not send the child in while you take care of a few things in the car. I don't expect you to sit in the room every minute of the lesson, but you must be present for the duration of the lesson (in fact, phone calls should be handled by stepping outside).

If the child arrives for the lesson without an adult, the lesson will be cancelled, and no refund will be given. This rule is for your protection, as well as mine.
The only possible exception to this rule is that I may allow a sibling, who is old enough to drive the student to the lesson, to accompany the child, with a note from the parent. I understand that older siblings may be responsible enough to help out with afternoon transportation.

If your situation is unique - au pair, neighbor, etc. please, advise me so I'll know what's going on.

Practice: Kids 8 and under should practice the material I've assigned them at least 15 minutes per day. Over 8, at least 30 minutes per day.
I can't make you practice, but you will get better much faster if you do.

Please remember - our lesson time is not your practice time. The lesson is where you learn what you will practice later.

Parents: Paying for lessons and not insuring that your child practices is like paying for a gym membership and never going to the gym! Hmmm.... 

Also, it is better to play 1 or 2 pieces over and over for the practice time, rather than playing through everything you have once. If you make mistakes, repeating the song over and over helps you fix the mistakes.

I understand that you may not be able to practice every day, but the more often you do, the faster you will progress.

Tip for parents: When I'm working with the student, unless there is a real discipline issue, please do your best to let me handle any small problems. I've worked with kids for many years, and can generally handle most difficulties. Like attention problems - ALL children develop "Temporary Attention Deficit Disorder" from time to time. I can handle it...


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