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My Teaching Style


Not everyone learns in the same way, and not everyone's reasons for learning are the same. Age plays a part, too. BUT, there are certain things in music that everyone needs to learn.


So, while we might start with different things, like strumming chords, and playing "by ear", which means playing things you hear, eventually every student needs to learn to read written music. That's because notation (written music) is the way musicians share their musical ideas with each other!


Nearly every song on the planet has been written down in notation, and as soon as you learn to read this new code, you can learn to play any song you want to, even songs from other countries, because musicians all over the world, long ago agreed to use the same code to write down their songs. All the styles of music you might want to learn are put together using the same simple parts. Learn the parts - you have the music!


The method is simple - we start with easy stuff - see it on the page, watch what I do, do what I do. Within a few lessons, every student will have real stuff they can play. You may impress your mom, your Grampa, or that cute person in your science class, but the most important person to impress with what you're learning is YOU😁!


While we're learning to play, we'll also talk about the parts of your guitar, different kinds of instruments, and music terms, so that when you talk to people about music, you can use the right language, and feel confident about your growing knowledge.


My style is teach and encourage, and give lots of praise as we go. Learning to play the guitar is challenging enough. Nobody needs the challenge of a bad tempered teacher!


Sometimes I've had students who were afraid they couldn't learn to read music. Maybe you have trouble with some subjects at school, so you don't know if you can learn music. If this is you, click on the link above that says, "Can I learn Music?".


Another important point is that since I am a Christian teacher, occasionally some of the music and teaching materials we  use may contain Christian themes or content. I don't apologize for that. I just want you to know, in advance.


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