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My Fingers Won't Work That Way!!!

Am I just a klutz?? I just don't seem to be getting it!

I hear that a lot. NO you are not a klutz... Learning to play the guitar is just not as easy as we imagine it will be. For one thing, your fingers have never done this before, and your brain has to learn how to make them do what you want them to.

Hold up your hand. How many brains are in that hand? Did you quickly say five?

Lots of people do.

In fact, there are NO brains in your hand! Hands are stupid! They don't learn ANYTHING!

They only do what your brain tells them to do. And your brain has never done this before. So, it has to set your fingers over and over and over again, untill it can be sure it's directing them to the right place every time.

The more times you make that chord, or play those notes, the better your brain will get at directing your fingers. It just takes time and "reps".

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